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Here is the sauce … I am brand obsessed and spend too much time on the internet drooling over fonts, design, messaging, colors, etc. … Let’s just say I love the vibes.

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In case you missed:

Ketchup 009: Meta’est Campaign Ever, Icelandverse, Giftnosis, Vegan Cannibal Steakhouse, UnF**k It, MTV Rebrand

Ketchup 008: Chatter Telephone™, Welcome to NBA Lane, Pronoun Plates, Taco IRL, The Spellbook

Ketchup 007: Netflix Reality, Don’t Get Vaxxed, Voice Legend John McEnroe

Ketchup 006: Prime Changes Everything, Black Beauty is Beauty, Adults Date Better

Ketchup 005: Vax That Thang Up, Public Service Banger, & RIP Earth.

Ketchup 004: NFL is Gay, Alien Oreos, & Shoezie

Ketchup 003: SOLD! Gucci’s Fake $4,115 Metaverse Bag

Ketchup 002: Peaches

Ketchup 001: The Beginning



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